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- Rules and Information -

1. League Information
  • The CPBL uses Sierra Sports Baseball Pro 98 as the simulation. It will run year-round, and is free. You do not need to own BBPro 98.
  • The CPBL uses only the fictional players generated by BBPro for the Canadian Base League.
  • For the constitution, please refer to the Canadian Base League Constitution. The constitution of the Canadian Base League applies to the CPBL with this page being a summary of the differences.
  • The CPBL consists of 28 teams which are the farm teams for the Canadian Base Leagues 28 clubs,
  • The 28 teams of the CPBL play for the War of the Whisky
  • League and Divisional Structure:
    • 2 LEAGUES: Colonial and Frontier.
    • 3 DIVISIONS in each League: East, Central, and West
    • Each league will consist of two 5 team Divisions and one 4 team Division
    • The designated hitter (DH) will be used in both leagues
2. Commissioner

  • The CPBL Commissioner is responsible for maintaining the League Constitution, simming all games, processing all game files and maintaining the league website, (although the website can have input from all Owners).
  • The Commissioner will ensure all members of the league adhere to the league rules.
  • He shall rule on any and all protests concerning game play, or other protests.
  • In the event the Commissioner's team is involved in a dispute, the dispute will be brought before the Commissioner of the CBL.
  • In the event the Commissioner of the CBLs team being involved in a dispute, the dispute will be put to vote of Owners not involved in the dispute.
  • The Majority of votes received determines the outcome of dispute.
3. Owners
  • Owner participation in the CPBL by way of team management is not an expectation.
  • Only owners of the CBL parent team can manage the CPBL farm team.
  • Owners are only allowed to manage their farm teams during the following 6 "Management Windows".
    • Seaon Start
      After the Free Agent Draft and before Opening Day.
    • All Star Break
      During the All Star break as determined by the game.
    • September Callup
      September 1st when the active roster can be expanded to 40 players.
    • Divisional Series Start
      Before the first game of the Divisional Series.
    • League Championship Series Start
      Before the first game of the League Championship Series.
    • War of the Whisky Start
      Before the first game of the War of the Whisky.
  • Owner management is limited to the setting of lineups, roster assignments, and the releasing and resigning of Free Agents.
  • Upon entering the league, Owners can only specify to the Commissioner the Team Name and Stadium Name. As this is the farm league for the CBL, it is desirable that the team nickname be the same as the parent team.
  • All other details such as Nearest City, Stadium Model, and Grass or Turf Field are identical to farm teams' CBL parent club.
  • Owners are expected to submit lineups and make roster assignments, as needed, before the end of a Management Period. As a courtesy, Owners are not required to submit a roster/lineup email if no roster or lineup changes are to be made for the next sim.
  • If the Commissioner has not heard from an Owner at the end of a Season Start Management Window, it is assumed that the management of the club is to handed over to the CPU Manager.
4. Schedule
  • Playoff matchups are determined by BBPro 98. The general format follows:
    • Divisional Series
      Best of 5.
    • League Championship Series
      Best of 7.
    • War of the Whisky
      Best of 7.
5. Rosters
  • Each team is allowed up to a maximum of 40 eligible players on its roster, to be distributed in the following categories:
    • CPBL Roster
      Each team is limited to 25 players on the CPBL roster.
    • AA
      Each team is limited to 15 players on the AA roster.
    • LOW Minors
      There are no LOW Minors.
  • Eligibilty
    • Only players that are reasonably expected to be on the AAA and LOW Minors roster of the CBL parent club are eligible for a CPBL and AA roster spot.
    • Eligible players will be determined by roster slot after 4 CBL sims, which is approximately 16 game days.
    • Players that are reasonably expected to be on the CBL parent clubs Active roster and are on the DL are not eligible for the CPBL. The player that has replaced the injured player from either AAA or LOW Minors roster is eligible.
    • In the event of uncertainty of eligibilty between the injured player and his replacement, eligibilty will be given to the player with the lowest CBL Nyman Rating.
    • Once a player has been placed on a farm teams CPBL or AA roster, he plays for the farm team for the entire season.
  • Opening Day Rosters
    Owners are required to submit opening day rosters to the Commissioner by the normal roster submission deadline on opening day. If an Owner has not submitted an opening day roster by the roster submission deadline, ii will be assumed that the CPU Manager is to manage the team.
  • Opening day rosters must include:
    • CPBL and AA players.
    • Batting orders and defensive lineups for both versus right (vR) and versus left (vL).
    • Pitching staff roles including starting rotation and bullpen.
  • Miscellaneous Roster Rules
    • Free Agent signings may be released by the Owner during any of the 6 Management Windows.
    • Retirement is determined by the CBL
      • Players that retire during the off season in the CPBL but continue to play be available in the CBL will have a change of mind and come out of retirement.
      • Players that continue to be available in the CPBL but retire from the CBL will decide that discretion is the better part of valour, pick up their fishing rods and head for the wilderness.
6. Player Injuries
  • Due to the incredible managent team that each club posseses, there are no injuries in the CPBL.
7. Trades
  • There is no trading in the CPBL.
  • Player movement in the CPBL is the result of trades completed in the CBL.
  • CBL trades do not effect the CPBL farm teams until the following season.
8. Free Agents
  • The Free Agent pool will be made up entirely of the CBL Free Agent pool after 4 CBL sims, which is approximately 16 game days.
  • Free Agents can only be claimed by an Owner during any of the 6 Management Windows providing the Free Agent is able to be signed by the team.
  • Owners can only resign Free Agents that had been signed by the CPU Manager during the Free Agent draft of that season. In order for this situation to occur, the Owner must have released the Free Agent during an earlier Management Window that season.
  • Owners must submit roster moves along with free agent claims specifying what roster the free agent is to be assigned to and any other moves that are needed.
  • The Free Agent will be assigned to the lowest available roster slot for Free Agent claims without accompanying roster moves.
  • Free Agents signed by a CPBL farm team are deemed to be "single season roll over" signings and as such can be signed at any time by a CBL parent team using Rule 5.
  • Any Free Agents signed by a CBL parent team that are playing for another CPBL farm team will continue to play for the CPBL farm team for the remainder of the season.
9. Drafts
  • The CPBL will have one draft.
  • Free Agent Draft
    • The Free Agent draft will be held each offseason between the end of the War of the Whisky and opening day.
    • The draft order will be reverse order of winning percentages from the prior regular season.
    • The draft order cannot be changed.
    • This draft will be carried out by the CPU Manager of each team.
    • During the Free Agent draft the CPU Manager will evaluate each teams new season roster, comprising of the CBL parent teams elegible players along with existing Free Agents from the season prior, before signing any Free Agents required to balance and improve the squad.
    • In order to improve and balance the squad the CPU Manager can release existing Free Agents to make room for new Free Agents.
    • The CPU Manager cannot and will not release any of the CBL parent teams elegible players.
    • The Free Agent draft will continue for as many rounds as required by the CPU Managers.
10. Spring Training
  • There is no Spring Training for the CPBL as it is completed by the CBL parent team.
  • Player ratings gains made during CBL Spring Training, including those of the signed and unsigned Free Agents, are mirrored by the CPBL players at the start of each season.
11. Team Data
  • Team Name
    • Each owner will name his team. The name consists of a team name (usually a city name) and a nickname.
    • The CBL is a Canadian league, and therefore, the team name must be Canadian.
    • The CPBL is the AAA league for the CBL and it is preferential that any town names be that of a smaller town.
    • It's preferential that the nickname be the same as the CBL parent team.
    • Names containing profanity or offensive phrases are not allowed.
  • CPU Manager
    • The CPU Manager will not be able to make trades
    • The CPU Manager can only sign Free Agents during the season starting Free Agent draft.
    • The CPU Manager can only release Free Agents duing the season starting Free Agent draft in order to make a roster slot available for another Free Agent signing.
    • The CPU Manager cannot release any of the CBL parent teams elegible players.
    • The CPU Manager will only handle lineups and roster asignments for those CBL parent team Owners who do not wish to participate in the CPBL.
12. Owner Awards
  • There are no Owner Awards for the CPBL.
13. Hall of Fame
  • There is no Hall of Fame for the CPBL.
14. Other Rules
  • Season Start Roster Realignment
    • Each Season the CBL parent teams eligible players is reviewed.
    • Uneligible players are removed from the team.
    • Free Agents that have been signed by other CBL parent teams using Rule 5 are removed from the team.
    • Single season roll over Free Agents that aren't signed by other CBL parent teams using Rule 5 remain in the same CBL farm team squad.
    • Players that were traded away in the previous season are removed from the team.
    • New CBL parent team eligible players are added to the team.